Claudia Saadeh is a Fashion Editor based in London. With a background in art and a love for design in all its realms, beautiful architecture and interiors are regularly incorporated into her work, particularly Neoclassicism and Brutalism. Claudia takes inspiration from art and film, but also pop culture and personalities.

A touch of irreverence and rebellion are infused into her styling, drawn from her love of post-hardcore and progressive rock. A no-rule rule applies to fashion: mixing metals, juxtaposing textures and clashing prints - Claudia's vision is for the unexpected. This same no-rule rule applies to gender constructs - blurring the lines between the genders allows for a freer expression, for the fashion lines to cross each other; menswear on women and womenswear on men, removing all limits and allowing fashion to live in a non-binary world.

Claudia has worked with numerous established companies including NET-A-PORTER, Christian Dior and Antonio Berardi, and has also collaborated with and consulted emerging and contemporary designers such as Sid Neigum, Zyne and 16Arlington.

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